Law of Abundance – New Moon Magick

There are many times when we need something to come into our lives. Seems like we all need a little bit more money these days, or confidence, or some form of help. One way you can build your abundance account is by writing yourself a check at each new moon. Your Law of Abundance check is one way to bring more into your life.

With each month’s new month you have the opportunity to increase your own abundance; whether it is money, love, prosperity or confidence, you can use this simple magick. Manifesting more into your life can be done with the writing of a check. Just like you would write a check to pay a bill, write one to yourself to increase your desires. Within 24 hours of the new moon, is the best time to write your check.

This type of magick has been around for many years. And, it’s quite simple. All you need is one of your checks. If you don’t have one, get creative and make your own.


Instructions to write your Law of Abundance check:

  1. Write your name on the “Pay to the Order” line.
  2. In the box where you fill in the dollar amount, write out “Paid in Full.”
  3. Write “Paid in Full” on the line where you write out the dollar amount of the check.
  4. On the line titled “For ” write the abundance you are seeking for the month. This can be for paying monthly bills, improved health, joy, or love.
  5. Finally, sign the check, “The Law of Abundance.”

Now, tuck it away somewhere. Perhaps you have a keepsake box, or envelope in your desk. You don’t need to think about it again. Just know, The Law of Abundance will be working for you. We’ve included a blank check if you would like to use one for your own Law of Abundance magick.

Law of Abundance check.

Law of Abundance check.

Peace, prosperity,

and love in the New Year!


Bright Blessings from the OCLC CoG!



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