New Year, New Intentions

I don’t know about you, but I’ve created resolutions in years past and failed miserably in achieving them. But, recently, I saw a post on social media that someone was adding intentions for 2024. It made me think. It may be just semantics, but I prefer “intentions.” It makes me think of manifestation. One of my intentions for 2024 is to add more magick to my daily activities.

First, I consciously stir my tea or coffee with positive energy for the day. Second, I am focusing on lighting candles on my altar and thanking my ancestors. Third, I will plan special magic for either a Sabbat or a Full Moon each month. Easy, peasy. As a Virgo, I will add these to my planner and track them using a habit tracker. The unique, particular monthly work will be captured in my magickal journal so I can reflect on accuracy.

An example of the particular magickal work I am planning for Imbolc will be to plant seeds that I will start indoors before planting in my garden. Since there are small animals that traverse my backyard, I will leave a bowl of milk (where the dog can’t reach it). Another idea I want to do this year is add an amulet to my dog’s collar. I recently adopted him and want to do a protection spell for him. The new amulet will be a great way to signify his adoption.

I’m in flux with other intentions for 2024, such as going through my clothes and eliminating those items I haven’t worn in a year or two. The decluttering of my home is also on the list of intentions and may take a year to accomplish, but breaking down the task into manageable activities each month has helped.

It’s a new year; will you set resolutions, intentions, habits, or eh? There’s nothing wrong with not setting anything. Many friends will pull tarot or oracle cards to focus on their day or week. I might do the same just to see how I am tracking with my intentions for 2024.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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