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There has been so much written about the colorful desert flowers blooming throughout California and especially its deserts. The drought took more than water; the glorious native flowers have suffered along with the wildlife throughout the southern half of our state. But, with the rains from earlier this year, our lands have seen an amazing resurgence of color. It also demonstrates the connectedness of life as the Weaver looks over her domain.

When I see flowers blooming, in our dry arid regions, it reminds me of the resiliency of nature.  Taking a lesson from nature’s handbook of life, it would be good to remember that even though we may be down, we can get back up.


2014-02-21 15.11.28



Honey Bees. Our thanks to www.public-domain-image.com for use of their images.

spring mountain flowers

Be resilient. Enjoy life.  As you move through your day think of how the Weaver connects us all, and the miracles that occur before your eyes.



By Janine Nelson Hoffman, Photographer, and PIO of OCLC COG

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