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The Orange County Local Council (OCLC) of The Covenant of the Goddess (COG) is hosting a second psychic faire this year. On Saturday, December 2nd, come be a part of the activities being held at The Dragon & the Rose in Santa Ana, CA. This new location is beautiful and spacious. The OCLC Faire includes your favorites such as 3-Card Spread, Animal Totem cards, Naughty Tarot, Oracle and Spirit Messages, and our famous raffle. The special raffle prize will be a holiday gift basket.

Each 15-minute reading is $5 and you can sign up for as many readings or healings as you can fit into your day. OCLC has added a few new treats. This year we added “Make-A-Spell Candle.” For $5 you can make either a candle for success, prosperity or love to take with you and burn on your alter. They also make great Yule gifts!


There will be tasty treats available during the Faire — tamales. Homemade tamales will be available between 11am and 3 pm. You’ll have a choice of:

  • Chicken wrapped in Quinoa and corn husk
  • Vegetables wrapped in Quinoa and corn husk
  • Jalapeno wrapped in Quinoa and corn husk
    …and Homemade salsas (mild or spicy)

This event is open to all. Stop by for a reading, make a candle and check out The Dragon and The Rose. Their selection of gems, tools, books and oils is incredible. Take time to enjoy a tamale or two and meet new friends at the OCLC Psychic Faire.

We will see you Saturday, December 2nd at The Dragon & The Rose located at 2424 North Grand Ave, Suite K (it’s in the back), Santa Ana, CA. Festivities start at 10am and runs until 4pm. See you there!


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