In a first-ever joint presentation ceremony, Covenant of the Goddess and Circle Sanctuary honor Military Pagan men and women.

ATLANTA, GA – On Aug. 22, 2014, the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) and Circle Sanctuary together presented medals and ribbons to a number of Pagan men and women, recognizing them for their military service. For years, both organizations have been presenting separate military service awards to Pagans. Last Friday’s ceremony marked the first time that the two national Pagan organizations came together to honor veterans and active duty military. Several awards were accepted on behalf of veteran and active duty service members unable to attend. Three awards were received by family members on behalf of deceased Pagan veterans.


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Representing CoG was the National First Officer, Kathy Lezon. She presented each recipient with CoG’s new Military Service Award Medal. During the ceremony, Lezon said:

It is an honor to recognize the service of our military Pagans. For your sacrifice of time, safety and service we are grateful, so on behalf the Covenant of the Goddess, I present to each of you CoGs award for military service.

Representing Circle Sanctuary was Rev. Selena Fox, Senior Minister, and Rev. Dawnwalker, coordinator of Circle Sanctuary’s Open Circles on U.S. Military installations. They presented recipients with the Pagan Military Service Ribbon. Rev. Fox said:

On behalf of Circle Sanctuary’s military ministries, the Pagan Military Association, and other endeavors, we present the Pagan Military Service Ribbon to you and thank you for your service. We are thankful to you and to other Military Pagans who are serving and who have served. Thank you for your contributions to our nation and the larger world.

The ceremony was held during CoG’s 2014 annual meeting at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, in Atlanta. Circle Sanctuary members were invited to this year’s meeting as guests of Dogwood Local Council, the local Southern CoG chapter hosting the meeting. Once plans were finalized, the two organizations felt it was an opportune moment to honor Pagan military men and women together. Jack Prewett, a Vietnam Veteran and former Sergeant United States Air Force, said:

As a Vietnam veteran, I didn’t get much of a homecoming. So I felt both honored and humbled to be recognized by both Circle Sanctuary and Covenant of the Goddess for my service to my country. To have both these organizations recognize servicemen both past and present is truly a gift from the Gods and I know from personal experience how much it means those that do and have served.

Covenant of the Goddess awards its own Military Service Award Medal every year during its annual meeting called Grand Council. The current award was designed by longtime member Amber K in 2012. Circle awards its Pagan Military Service Ribbon at a variety of festivals around the country each year and has also done so via its weekly CircleTalkRadio podcast on Pagans Tonight Radio Network.

For more information about the Military Service Award Medal or Covenant of theGoddess, contact Heather Greene,

For more information about the Pagan Military Service Ribbon and Circle Sanctuary’s Military Ministries, visit

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