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In the second installment in this series, we will answer the question whether The Covenant of the Goddess (The Covenant) trains Witches and if solitaries can join.

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First off, does The COG train Witches?
No, The Covenant does not train Witches.  Some local councils may provide public education as a service to their communities, but the Covenant of the Goddess as a National or Local organization does not train Witches.  The Covenant is comprised of Elders and covens trained within their own spiritual traditions.  If you are interested in finding a teacher in your area, please contact your local council for suggestions.   The Covenant provides a component of study during Merry Meet / Grand Council to our membership, called Leadership Institute.  It is typically a full day of in-depth, topic specific, classes to help deepen our knowledge and practices as leaders and elders.

Within the Orange County Local Council (OCLC) of the Covenant, there are several covens and traditions represented in its membership. You can contact us through email, or our Facebook page to find out where to meet potential teachers and covens.

Second, we are asked if there are Solitaries or just covens in the Covenant?
Both Covens and Solitary Witches may join the Covenant. It is mainly an organization of experienced clergy, but we are seeking to improve outreach to new Witches as well through our Associates’ program.  If an applicant (Coven or Solitary) lives in an area served by one of our Local Councils, they must apply through the Local Council. If there is no Local Council nearby, the applicant applies as a National member. National Solitaries must be eligible as Elders in their tradition.

To be eligible to apply as a Coven in the Covenant, a group must have been meeting, at a minimum, monthly for at least six months. It must have at least three members, at least one of whom is of Elder status—capable of teaching and passing on the group’s tradition or way of working.  Applicants fill out a membership application and submit a Statement of Practice, introducing themselves and their activities to the Covenant’s membership. Both groups and individuals must state in the application that they consider themselves to be Witches, and that they practice an ethical standard consistent with the Wiccan Rede—“If it harm none, do what ye will.”

If you are located in Orange County Califonia, and are interested in joining the Covenant, please contact the OCLC for information about the membership process and to attend one of our local council meetings. Our meetings occur the 2nd Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted) and are open to the public. Check out our Facebook page events to see when our next meeting will occur.


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