Women in Service to the Earth

When you think of things you can do to help the Earth what comes to mind? What touches the soul from Divine expression through Nature? How do I resonate with nature and the Earth? Where can I connect with others to embrace positive change supporting the Earth? These are the questions that I was invited to ponder at the recent women’s gathering, The Magic of Our Embodied Wholeness and Collective Wisdom: Women in Service to the Earth. I consider myself fortunate that every once in a while I attend a workshop or conference that is amazing. The Women in Service to the Earth gathering was just that.

The gathering, held at a lovely estate in the Nellie Gail Ranch area of Laguna Hills, CA, was an official precursor to the Parliament of World Religions conference taking place later this year (October 15-19) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through “circles dialogues” of 5 – 6 women, deep explorations of heart-centered personal and global concerns were revealed. Connections of shared experience, feelings and wisdom were expressed. Highlights of the women’s gathering, for me, were the 45+ amazing women who stood in circle together.

Women in Service to the Earth

Women in Service to the Earth

Together we blessed the land and dedicated ourselves to global service based on shared feminine energy and women’s collective wisdom As the gathering drew to an end and the circle was released, I walked away with deep inspiration to continue the dialogues in my own way whenever possible. The Divine feminine voice has so many expressions, as many as the women we encounter, including ourselves. These expressions need to be witnessed so they may connect and be heard. Anyone interested in the work being done by the sponsoring collective, Women of Spirit and Faith, can find them at www.womenofspiritandfaith.org. May you also be inspired to use your voice to share your wisdom in service to the Earth

Flag with ribbons

This lovely prayer flag will travel with the group to Salt Lake City for our event.

Blessed Be,   Gwenn Tara HPS and member of Covenant of the Goddess, National

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