What are your plans for 2018?

This time of year many people are reviewing their past achievements, and determining their new direction and focus for 2018. What are your plans? Maybe you have a new planner for 2018. What are you going to add to those pristine pages?

Reflecting on the direction you want to go and setting goals can help plan and shape your daily life. Identifying activities or projects further your mind’s ability to structure your day and ensure you take time for you. With so many directions think about having at least one goal in your personal, professional, spiritual and social lives.  Now, where do you begin?



If you haven’t started your planning process here are some ideas for your consideration:

  1. Create a list of spells you can perform each month, but be flexible to allow for a change based on needs or last-minute personal desires. I don’t know how much time I wasted trying to figure out what I wanted to accomplish for the month. If I planned my life like I plan social media, I would set an annual plan identifying my spiritual focus for each phase of the Wheel of the Year.  wheel of the year
  2. Create a Gratitude Jar. Take time everyday to write down an “LOL” moment, goals accomplished, surprise gifts, beauty of nature, spell that worked, or daily blessing. Imagine the feeling of opening a jar on December 31st and reading 364 notes that describe what you received in 2018.


    Make your Gratitude Jar as decorative as you want. Consider using bright colored paper and colorful pens to express your creativity along with your gratitude.

  3. Double the time you spend outside. Take your morning tea or coffee outside and find a quiet, peaceful place to sit and meditate, read or communicate with spirit. Consider doing yoga or simple streteches outdoors. Even if you have a small patio, doing simple stretches outside can reduce stress and improve circulation. img_somartin_20170810-100706_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_soledad-k0MD-U434593970910WE-980x554@MundoDeportivo-Web
  4. Try something new. Take a writing class, or workshop at a local metaphysical or Wiccan shop.  Your new experience could help you find a new area of interest. You also get to meet new people that share your interests. Merrymeet-merrypart
  5. Drink more water. Some of you have no problem drinking enough water; while some of us find it harder than climbing Mount Everest. Be nice and treat your body well this year. pexels-photo-416528

These are a few examples of things to consider for 2018. As you begin planning, your own ideas will surface that will make 2018 more meaningful.

What are some of the plans that you are implementing this year? We would love to hear about them. Please share them in Comments below.

Janine Nelson, Writer and Photographer living in Southern California. A member of Covenant of the Goddess and the current Public Information Officer for 2018.


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