Long Beach Women’s Spirit Fair

June brings with it the Summer Solstice, flowers in bloom, crops growing and for the Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (OCLC-CoG) lots of community activities. One of the first activities OCLC-CoG will attend this year is the Long Beach Women’s Spirit Faire!  All are welcome to attend this fair that occurs each year at the Summer Solstice and is a unique blend of entertainment and activities in celebration of women and their spirit. Women’s Spirit was founded in 1987 and provides opportunities for personal growth and empowerment as well as hope for planetary healing. Later, they began their association with the Temple of Isis Los Angeles in 1997 and have continued working together since. The Women’s Spirit Fair celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2007 and we hope they will continue this tradition for many more.

Long Beach Women's Spirit Fair

Long Beach Women’s Spirit Fair

OCLC-CoG will have a presence at the fair and look forward to greeting all who attend Women’s Spirit Fair. Come and meet us and check out our Evil Eye bracelets. They will be available for a small donation. For more information about us, or where we will be this summer, you can visit us on  OCLC Facebook or Women’s Spirit pages, and also on www.Witchvox.com


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