If we stop and think about the connections between ourselves and the world around us, it can become an inspiration.  We are connected by a vast web of co-creation. Our thoughts and actions can have significant impacts on our surroundings.  Having positive thoughts and actions will create better connections between you and the universe.

Madisyn Taylor eloquently wrote, the earth and everything on it is bound by an invisible connection between people, animals, plants, the air, the water, and the soil. Insignificant actions on your part, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on people and the environment that seem entirely separate from your personal realm of existence. Staying conscious of the interconnection between all things can help you think of your choices and your life in terms of the broader effect you may be creating.”

So, as you move through the world this week, consider those connections you have around you. The vegetables you buy from the Farmer’s Market, the gas you put in your car, or the human connections we share with others. A simple smile at someone may ease the pain they are in. Helping a neighbor bring in their trash cans or picking up a piece of trash can be a positive influence in a world that needs more love and compassion.

Be an inspiration and if you want to share, we would love to hear how you connected with the world.



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