Witch’s Pantry with Lilith September 29th, 2021

Beyond herbs and spices, discover the magic hiding in your pantry.

What is in your pantry? Can you use those staple items in your daily magical practice? Yes, you can! Beyond herbs and spice, join us while we explore the magic hiding in your pantry. This class is recommended for for everyone, from those just starting their magical paths to those who have been walking their paths much longer.


Recommended for all levels

Witch's Pantry with Lilith

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Lilith is a student of Hoodoo, conjure, and witchcraft with training in naturopathy and has  participated in Orion Foxwood's Faery Seer Apprenticeship for several years.  She is a student teacher of the Celtic Circle of Wisdom, based in Orange County, CA. She is on the Board of Directors for OCLC-Covenant of the Goddess, the Conference on Current Pagan Studies, and COMPASS, the Commons Of Modern Pagans and Spiritual Seekers. She is a witch and a psychic.