Gris Gris Mojo Bags with Rev. Dee November 18th, 2021

Join Rev. Dee in crafting your own Gris Gris for protection, luck, love, or money! Learn the history of this essential element of any New Orleans-style practice and create one for yourself. Understand the essential herbal, magickal, and spiritual point of view of this practice of New Orleans Voodoo practitioners, Cajun healers, and Hoodoo root doctors.

Gris Gris Mojo Bags with Rev. Dee

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Bio: Rev. Dee is a professer of English, Heirophant of the Lyceum of Auset Hauhet, and longtime practitioner of the mantic arts. She studies in New Orleans, the home of her father’s family, whenever she can. She helms Rev. Dee’s Apothecary: A New Orleans-Style botanica, the only Los Angeles-area maker of traditional New Orleans oils made with real essential oils and no artificial ingredients: