Magick in the Mundane and The Art of Intention May 20th, 2021

 How you do anything, is how you do everything.

How you spend your day, is how you spend your life.

Magick doesn’t need to be to be relegated to Circle or Ritual.  Discover the Art of Intention and how to create magick/spirit allies from mundane objects to use throughout your day, in all aspects of your life.




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Mary has studied Metaphysics for 40+ years and has a degree in Parapsychology.  She is on the OCLC CoG Board and is the Elder High Priestess of Celtic Circle of Wisdom, based in Orange County, CA.  Mary also coordinates events for Orion Foxwood in Orange County and has participated in his Faery Seer Apprenticeship for several years and also attends his Conjure Conferences each spring.  She is a witch, a teacher, a psychic, a light worker and has long been acknowledged for her ability to generate prosperity and abundance and to help others bring prosperity into their own lives.