Candle Magick Workshop – April 29th 2021

Do you love the look of candles, or find their flame to be soothing or transitory? Have you made a wish when blowing out your birthday candles and it comes true? That's part of the magic of candles and your own magick.

Candles are a cornerstone component used in magick for eons. In fact, most of us have practiced candle magick at least once in our lives (remember those birthday candles?). Many cultures often include lighting candles for special days or holidays.

Join us in March for a Candle Magick Workshop bringing a creative exploration into using candles in rituals, and in spells. We will delve into:

  • Candle colors for your purpose;
  • Setting your intentions;
  • How to consecrate and dress your candles and why;
  • Symbols and words to enhance your magick; and
  • How to choose the best time to perform your magick and boost your success.

We will blend these aspects together creating your own, custom magickal spell.

Bring with you an idea for your intention, a white candle, a sharp instrument (like a nail, small knife, or toothpick) so you can carve into your candle, your journal, and a pen to take some notes.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday, April 29th, beginning at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Pacific Time.

Fill out the form to sign up for this enlightening workshop. Your donation of $10 will go to help the Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess in supporting our Craft community.

This a repeat class of the class in March.  If you already donated, you are already added for this class.

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Janine Selfie 2021

Janine Nelson has been in the Craft for over 20 years. As an Eclectic Witch, Spirit Worker, and apprentice in Faery Seership, she is also a lecturer and teacher of the craft.