Pagan Pride LA/OC is just around the corner

Pagan Pride Day for Los Angeles and Orange County is Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 from 10:00 – 5:30 at Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach

(Parking is $10, which is a city fee. Public transportation, or carpooling, is encouraged)

Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach, California

Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach, California

Rituals – Workshops – Authors – Entertainment – Vendors – Children’s Activities

Workshop Tent 1

11:00  Mary Stuart  – The Art of Mindfulness: Putting Magick in the Mundane

12:00  Julie James  –  Listening to Plants

2:00    Lady Brenda McKoy, Georgia Vlahos – Tarot Secrets

3:00    Murtagh anDoile – An Deithe: The Gods of the Tuatha De Danann

4:00    Carl Young – Finding your Psychic Powers through the Tarot

Workshop Tent 2

11:00  Timothy Roderick  – Key of Solomon Magic

12:00  Jeffrey Albaugh  – Red Thread of Fate

2:00   Lady Mariah Starsinger & Lord Orion Starhunter  – Preparing for Ritual

3:00   Tony Mierzwicki  – Magickal Fragrances

4:00   Jose Ajpu Munoz – Crystal Skulls:  Ancient and Contemporary

Workshop Tent 3

11:00  Barbara Lieberman Unchained Spirit – Living with Chronic Illness

12:00  R. Merlin  – Celestial Circle Songs

2:00    Karen Tate – Sekhmet, Lady of Tenacity Manifested

3:00    Jeanne McLaughlin  – Shamanic Practices 101

4:00    Professor Rietveld   – The History of Aphrodite

Book Signing Schedule

12:00  Timothy Roderick   – Wicca:  Another year and a day

12:00  Barb Lieberman   – The Unchained Spirit

3:00    Karen Tate  – Walking An Ancient Path, Goddess Calling, Sacred Places of Goddess

3:00    Lady Brenda McKoy, Georgia Vlahos  – Tarot Secrets, Reiki for Witches

4:00    Tony Mierzwicki  – Graeco-Egyptian Magick

Ritual Schedule

10:45  Opening Blessing    – Linda Fox of PPLA

11:00  ADF Druid Style Rite of Gathering      – Raven’s Cry Grove

12:00  Winter Nights Norse Pagan Blot   – Hallowed Horn Kindred

1:00    Community Ritual    – Reclaiming LA

2:00    Egyptian Ritual        – Hathor and the Holy Cows

3:00    SoCal Covenant of the Goddess   – Trusting Your Path

4:00    Blessings of the Harvest     – Dragon and the Rose Circle


11:00 AM       Crossroads Demons

11:30 AM       Violet Maven

12:00 PM       Bella & Friends

12:30 PM       Amy Clarke

2:00 PM         Wild Wood Border Morris Dancers

2:30 PM         Elizabeth J Matson

3:00 PM         White Woman Flutes

3:30 PM         Aislin Lumina

4:00 PM         Popoki House

4:30 PM         Juliana & Dolphina of Dancing Goddess and                           GoddessLife

5:00 PM         Rene Collins

Vendors will line the walkway providing attendees with products that stimulate the senses. Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess will have a booth at Pagan Pride LA/OC again this year. Stop by to see what we have in store this year. Many of our members are doing 1 to 2-minute readings using Tarot, Oracle cards or a pendulum. Donations are encouraged.

We hope to see you there!







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