Lunar eclipse a time for reflection

On April 4, 2015 there will be a total lunar eclipse which will be visible in Southern California. Also referred to as Blood Moon. According to The Witchipedia,

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes completely into the Earth’s shadow (umbra) and is thus should be completely darkened, but due to the way the light from the sun reacts to the Earth’s atmosphere before reflecting from the Earth to the moon, it actually turns bright red.

During a lunar eclipse the full moon becomes hidden due to the path of the earth between the sun and the moon. The lunar eclipse is reflecting the energy of both the sun and the Earth back to you as it approaches totality. You may also want to consider the lunar eclipse as a way to view a moon’s cycle – full moon to waning to black, or new onto waxing and back to full – in a very short period of time.  When we think of magical work to be performed during an eclipse, we should also consider the full moon’s energy during this phase; also consider a multi-part spell that uses the waning, and waxing moon in addition to full moon aspects.

lunar eclipse

There is a feminine energy that is present in the form of the full moon and the earth. This unification may help as you focus on the goddess aspect of your work. With this powerful  energy consider your work and wishes carefully. As shared by The Smart Witch, “Any spell performed during a Lunar Eclipse must be done carefully, as one is invoking the Triple Goddess in each of her forms.” It should be good practice to write out your desires beforehand. Remember to balance your work. If you are working to remove negative thoughts or habits, be sure to add in positive aspects to balance your spell work.

If the lunar eclipse is not visible in your area, don’t despair! Just take out your charts and lists to find the exact time of the eclipse, the day, and other aspects to prepare your magic for this special time.

What do you have planned for the lunar eclipse? Please share your ideas, it may help others who are looking for things to do.



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